Carmen Neghina
5 years ago

Effective online banners


[REPORT] It comes as no surprise that (prospective) students spend the majority of their spare time online. What millennials and now Generation Y do online ranges from simply hanging out in social networks to actively researching and gathering information. This adds up to a huge amount of hours spend on the web. For many students, the virtual world belongs as much to their daily lives as their real tangible environment. Consequently, the study choice process has moved online as well.

Online student recruitment has therefore become an important task for many higher education institutions. Universities have to look continuously for ways to reach potential future students with their marketing campaigns. Reaching out to new potential students with the aim of creating brand awareness requires implementing certain online marketing tools like display advertising. Banners are part of any university marketing or college marketing campaign and serve quite an important role in every international student recruiter’s toolbox.

This white paper gives you insights and valuable tips on using banner ads in student recruitment. As a higher education platform with a monthly average of 11 million student visitors, Studyportals provides the optimal platform for your online display ads. Banner ads are seen by millions of students on our portals, which increases the effectiveness of your institution’s online campaign and hence the return on investment.

Some key takeaways:

  • Student recruitment has moved online, especially since nowadays youngsters spend most of their time online.
  • Web banners act like a promotional flag for your institution, drawing attention to your branding and your message.
  • Prospective international students are less likely to know your university brand, have limited time and budgets to attend fairs, or participate in campus tours.
  • Display advertising moved away from the click as being its defining factor many years ago and is offering marketers measurable brand lift, brand awareness, message recall and higher purchase intention.

To download the full whitepaper about banner advertising in international student recruitment, please fill in the form, and learn about:

  • The importance of online recruitment
  • Superpowers of banner ads
  • What makes a great banner
  • How Studyportals can help your institute create the perfect banner
  • Improving banner performance

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