Cara Skikne
4 years ago

International Student Plans – Impact of COVID-19


[REPORT] Between 20th of March and 10th of April 2020, Studyportals conducted an online survey amongst prospective international students in order to find out how they are perceiving the impact of COVID-19 in relation to their study plans and intentions to study abroad. To better capture the mood of international students and their concerns, Studyportals also engaged with its audience of prospective students on social media.

As the COVID-19 pandemic develops, students are increasingly considering to change their study plans. Where the survey showed that overall 36% of students are considering changing their study plans, this percentage increased from 31% after week 1 to 40% after week 4. The students’ main concerns are that their travel plans may be restricted (85%), that their (parents’) savings may decrease (61% – 68%) and 50% are worried about not being able to finish their exams in time. Of the 36% that indicated to change their study plans, 50% say they will postpone their enrolment to next year, 42% are considering to enrol in an online programme, 21% are considering not going abroad but to enrol into a domestic university and 1% not to study at all.

Overall, higher education institutions stand the risk of losing a maximum of 32% who are considering not to study abroad and/or not to study at all. But what can universities do?

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