Cara Skikne
4 years ago

Supporting International (new) Students in a COVID-era – learnings from the experts –


[WEBINAR] The current global crisis caused by COVID-19 has impacted both individuals and organisations, especially in the field of higher education. Universities worldwide had to act rapidly, overcome new challenges, and adopt new ways to their traditional ways of delivering higher education.

Information and insights are fundamental to supporting international students, both current and prospective who are now facing many concerns and uncertainties. While most of the universities are feeling the impact of COVID-19 now, Australia’s intake has been impacted 6 months earlier due to the magnitude of the Spring semester.

In this Panel Discussion, The Vice-Chancellor and President of The Australian National University, Professor Brian P. Schmidt, who already has some experience on how to support international (new) students in a COVID-era, provides guidance on topics such as:

  • Embracing new teaching technologies and maintaining connectedness
  • Co-designing new learning strategies together with students
  • How to keep students engaged on the educational journey
  • How can online teaching become more personal and intimate than on-campus teaching
  • How will education be influenced by online teaching in the long run

The second speaker, Anant Agarwal founder of edX, one of the world’s leading organisations serving fully online learners, also shares his insights on:

  • What steps universities can take in order to react successfully to the crisis
  • How can faculties build more quality online content while staying cost-efficient
  • What types of learning modes are there and how universities can leverage online courses
  • Impact of using more digital content

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