Every day is a fresh start

Kerry Sloan

Job summary/responsibilities

Owner and manager of the community & commercial mailings. This includes redesigning innovative email campaigns, creating new mailing user flow, content design & creation, alignment with various stakeholders, and management of various mailings products. 

Additionally, responsible for managing and overseeing multiple social media content and video marketing.

General introduction/background

I have dual nationality, Thai-Scottish, and was born and raised in Thailand. I have moved to the Netherlands to pursue my bachelor’s in media & communications in which I have completed. As a person, I socialize well and is approachable. I am also an organized and logical person, which allows me to be a team player or work independently.

Personal Goal

I want to try out living in a van to travel around the continent one day. And live more sustainably.  

Favorite Studyportals element/experience

Really enjoyed the summer event 2019 at Efteling! 

Favorite activities

I enjoy sports (i.e. yoga, squash, bouldering), binge watch horror-free series/films on Netflix, and arts & crafts (i.e. sculpting, painting, drawing).