Alexandra Marginean

Alexandra joined the Studyportals developers team in June 2014, as a Front-end developer. Being the only girl in the team, she managed to add a feminine touch among the developers.

She is responsible for improving the user experience offered on our websites, by working in a multidisciplinary team, with designers, back-end developers and why not with our student and university teams.

General introduction/background

After she started her master in Applied Informatics in Science, Technology and Economy, at West University of Timisoara (WUT) – Romania, she decided that she wanted to study abroad for a double master degree. This is how the adventure started! She went to The Netherlands to study Industrial and Applied Mathematics, at Eindhoven University of Technology. This experience of studying abroad was very satisfying for her and that is why she recommends it and encourage as many students to try and take any opportunity to study abroad. This is one of the reasons that Alexandra applied to Studyportals. She wants to help students find the best study choice and facilitate this to them.

Alexandra worked as a volunteer in many organisations in Romania, which were focused on children, but she was also a member of the student organisation at WUT. During these extra activities she meet and helped people with different cultures and problems. Nowadays, she is doing the same but in a different way. She is working at Studyportals, in an international, dynamic and young environment, helping students to find the best studies abroad. This motivates her and in the same time helps her grow and progress in her professional career.

Favourite Studyportals experiences

The first days at Studyportals, when she meet her colleagues during the introduction, and immediately after, on the third day, taking part to the Spring Event and Stratum Challenge. The best start at Studyportals. Since from the beginning she could see that everyone is committed, energetic and serious about fun.

Another experience outside the company but still linked to it, which made her very happy and proud, was meeting students at parties and finding out that they went to study abroad by using our portals.

Favourite activities

In her free time Alexandra loves travelling, travelling ..and travelling.. and besides of that she enjoys to spend time with friends and family, to discover new things, new places, new dishes, new cultures, new activities. 🙂