Everything that is meant for you is already yours.” – Alex Daniel

Ana Karen Cavazos

Job Summary:

Ana Karen will be joining the APAC Business Unit and will support the team with various activities. She will be primarily responsible for activities such as:

  • The implementation and monitoring of online promotional campaigns.
  • Creating newsletters, e-mail campaigns, online promotions, etc.
  • Researching and analyzing competitor marketing and sales materials.
  • The preparation of presentations for management and clients.
  • General office management and administration tasks.

General Introduction / Background:

Ana Karen is a marketing student from Monterrey, Mexico currently completing her bachelor’s degree. Her passions include marketing and the creation of digital strategies and campaigns. She has completed training in mathematics and data analysis during a summer abroad program in Madrid, Spain.

Key Challenge:

“Empowering the world to choose education.” This mission from Studyportals to the world, is exactly what spoke to Ana Karen when learning more about the company. She is determined to do her part and go above and beyond to empower others to choose a greater higher education than they could have ever imagined. More specifically, Ana Karen wishes to be able to empower and allow for young women all around the world to discover opportunities in education they never imagined they could have. Her hope is that by working with Studyportals, she can do her part to further advance women’s rights and educational opportunities around the entire world.

Personal Goals:

  • To thrive and grow in both personal, and professional aspects alike in a healthy work environment that supports and promotes friendly collaboration and teamwork.
  • To become a young professional doing her part to contribute to the wellbeing of our world and a greater overall mission.
  • To be a citizen of the world with love, respect, and understanding of all cultures.

Favorite activities:

  • Baking, and trying different pastries.
  • Traveling the world.
  • Watercolor painting.
  • Quality time with her favorite people.