Andreea Vasile

Job Summary/ Responsibility

Andreea joined Studyportals in August 2016 as data analyst. Her main responsibilities are: to analyze the internal data in order to transform it in relevant information for taking best decision regarding data quality and not only; to develop instruments for monitoring quality and progress; to deliver high quality and analytic information.

General introduction/background

Studies: Bachelor degree in Computer Science applied in Economy; master degree in Management; Psychology (Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca). She worked over 7 years on several projects national and international with the purpose of increasing access to education and to contribute to the development of human resources through educational programmes.

Her interdisciplinary background (professional and theoretical), experience in educational field and project management and analytic skills were some of the main assets for delivering high quality results.

Favorite Studyportals element

Multicultural team, mission and core values, dynamic environment.

Favorite activities

Dancing tango, swimming, travelling, photography.