Bart Persoons

Job summary/responsibilities

In his role as a Data Analytics Engineer he wants to empower everyone in the company with good quality data in such a way that everyone can answer their own questions. By transforming, testing and validating the data, it will get a stamp of approval and can it be used for analysis.

General introduction/background

In the last 10 years he broadened his knowledge with coding, data and marketing. As a result of this he can code, but he is not a real engineer. He know how to work with data, but he is not a data scientist. And he can run marketing campaigns, but he is not a marketeer. But as he speaks the languages of each field of expertise he can be the middle man to connect the different disciplines.

Key challenge

Bridge the gap between business and data in such a way that the business can rely on the data and that the data team can maintain the data pipeline with little effort.

Personal Goal

It is not a one time goal, but changing problems into opportunities is something he wants to achieve for every new problem he encounters.

Favourite Studyportals element/experience

Being serious about fun. “If it is not fun, it will never work” is a great way to look at it.