Catalina Ivan

Job summary/responsibilities

Collecting, introducing data and updating university programs. Apart from her usual tasks, she’s helping the Student Marketing Team in creating newsletters and adding content on them (using dotdigital & Airtable).

General introduction/background

Catalina has graduated Journalism and currently studies Communication and Advertising. Her first job was as an intern at a radio post, where she discovered that she likes to be a reporter. She worked in a call centre, but left to search for better opportunities and to work in a better environment.

Key challenge 

When she finds programmes that don’t have enough information or when the universities don’t have the English programmes highlighted.

Personal Goal

To become a famous author someday, to become a journalist or to have her own TV show written by her. She also wants to learn to get out more of her comfort zone and to develop her skills.

 Favourite Studyportals element/experience

She thinks that Studyportals is helping students and future students a lot because they have the information they need. Being a student herself, she related to them so she wanted to help them. It’s a place where she met a lot of nice people and where she feels she can evolve and learn. She likes the relaxed atmosphere and the fact that she is not stressed at work anymore. 

Favourite activities

Her favorite activities are sports, writing on her books, reading books, watching TV shows, anime and movies and travelling. She recently discovered that she likes to bake and cook.