Christopher Pitt (Chris)

Job summary/responsibilities

Chris works with Julian and Fernanda in our Asia Pacific team and is focussed on developing new partnerships for Studyportals in the region.

General introduction/background

Chris is currently pursuing his master’s in marketing after over 10 years assisting institutions and organisations with digital strategies to engage with overseas markets.  He began is career in the UK placing newly qualified accountants in a variety of international roles before returning to Australian to promote and manage skilled migration events for Australian companies. He began his career in International Education in 2015 and since then has been helping institutions embrace the digital landscape in their attempts to engage with and recruit international students. He brings industry knowledge and a strong global network to his role as Senior Business Development Manager.

Key challenge

Challenging institutions in the region to think outside the status quo and embrace strategies and models that will achieve long term success.

Personal Goal

To always do things with purpose and to the best of my ability. At Studyportals this means drawing on my industry knowledge, digital expertise, and global network to ensure I have positive and consistent impact on the Asia Pacific team and achieve my individual objectives. This will also be made possible by continued personal development and having fun.

Favourite activities

Chris is addicted to Golf and spend what spare time he has on the golf course or at the driving range. He has a keen interest in all sports but particularly the English Premier League and the NBA. He also enjoys spending time with his two daughters (aged 3 and 1) and learning new things from them every day.