Emiel Romein


As CTO, Emiel is responsible for “building the right things well, in the least amount of time”, which boils down to concentrating on what has the highest business value, turning this into good quality software (including a long term technical vision), and focusing on how the software engineering department can maximize output.


Emiel started his career as a software developer, after automating the production floor of a dental laboratory during his internship. Throughout the past 20+ years, he has mastered most aspects of software development in consultancy and product development roles.

Emiel loves maximizing his people’s potential, inspiring them to make a difference. He has a genuine drive for results. Turning company vision into operational goals, strategy, and processes help him to achieve these ambitions.

Favorite Studyportals element

“It is just great to know that we are working very hard to actually leave the planet a bit better than we found it.”