Fabrizio Citto

Fabrizio has joined Studyportals in April 2015 as a Business Developer for the West Region. Previous to his integration in the team, Fabrizio has been involved in administrative and accounting-related internships in the service and consultancy industries respectively.

Fabrizio owns a M.Sc. in Management of Learning obtained at the Maastricht University, which came after his BA study in Economics and Management (University of Sassari). During his Bachelor program, Fabrizio had experienced a yearly exchange program at the University of Valladolid, Segovia branch, in Spain.

What I like about Studyportals

The mission of Studyportals is honourable and has a real impact on several social dynamics. Contributing to reduce the mismatch between the ambitions of the students and their final study choices is gratifying as well as enjoyable. Moreover, the positivity of the workplace is extremely palpable. Everybody perfectly knows that cooperation, availability and complicity among colleagues represent a solid and steady source of success. The environment and climate of Studyportals put yourself in the condition to work with pleasure and express your best.

Key Challenges

The first challenge for Fabrizio is to make the Italian International study programmes more visible at an international level, with the main purpose of increasing the cultural diversity in the Italian universities’ classrooms.

Favourite Activities

His favourite activities are ascribable to whatever has to do with the whole sport universe, both individual and team disciplines. Cooking releases his own creativity and allows him to spend qualitative time with family and friends. He adores to enjoy his leisure time in the nature and play with pets.