Gabriela Gruia

Job summary/responsibilities:

Gabriela’s job duties cover all aspects of creating a website. Upon talking with clients and assessing their needs, she helps create and maintain the product. Her main responsibilities include, but aren’t limited to writing and editing content, designing web-page layout, determining technical requirements, creating back up files, solving code problems, using google analytics.

General introduction/background:

As a person who has an open minded approach to life, Gabriela strives to make the very best out of every given situation and to gather as much knowledge as possible, to set the path for a fruitful career. Motivation is her main driver, along with an interesting and challenging work environment. She will prove unrelenting commitment in pursuing her objectives.

Personal Goal:

Gabriela’s personal goal at Studyportals is to contribute to the success of the team, be highly efficient together, gain experience in the field and still have fun during and after the work hours.

Favorite activities:

Travel, sleep, build Ikea furniture, attend festivals, eat (not even kidding, favorite activity ever <3)