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Gabriela Gruia

Job summary/responsibilities:

With a genuine passion for crafting immersive digital experiences, Gabi excels in the role of Microsite Team Lead. She expertly guides a team of three, overseeing the end-to-end development of captivating microsites aligned with strategic objectives.

Collaborating seamlessly with web designers and the tracking & integration specialist, Gabi ensures each microsite boasts visually striking design and resonates deeply with audiences. Her commitment to optimizing user experiences enhances engagement through intuitive navigation, responsive design, and interactive elements, all while maintaining unwavering quality.

Driven by data insights, Gabi continuously refines microsite performance, leveraging creative problem-solving skills to elevate engagement and conversion rates. Their proficiency in design principles, user experience, and content strategy fosters holistic excellence in fast-paced environments, backed by effective communication and collaboration.

As a key liaison with Campaign Managers, Gabi ensures projects align perfectly with client needs. Through one-on-one meetings, team gatherings, and brainstorming sessions, they cultivate top-notch creative synergy and amplify every team member’s voice.

Demonstrating commitment to improvement, Gabi actively engages in A/B testing to fine-tune microsite performance based on solid data insights. Her strategic mindset and design sensibilities as a Microsite Team Lead curate experiences that captivate and engage, leaving a lasting impact on the digital journey.

General introduction/background

Gabi graduated from Dimitrie Cantemir University in Tourism Management but felt her true calling lay beyond banking. Joining Studyportals in 2017 as a Data Processing Specialist, she quickly transitioned to a Web Designer role in 2018. With over 150 microsites and Landing Pages created for SP clients, she now leads her own team of Web Designers and a Tracking and Integration Specialist. Her journey exemplifies following one’s passion to achieve remarkable growth.

Key challenge

Become the best version of herself.

Favourite activities

Lifting weights in the gym, snowboarding, paddleboarding, designing posters & stickers in Illustrator & Photoshop, and of course, building IKEA furniture (some things never change).