Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one. – Marcus Aurelius

José Juan González

Job summary/responsibilities

José Juan González is an International Relations graduate from the Tec de Monterrey, where he’s lived most of his life. He has worked in several industries, including International Trade through foreign affairs departments, B2B Marketing, and Lead Generation.

His goal in Studyportals is drawing from his experience to think outside the box and successfully implement client campaigns, as well as cultivating fruitful relationships with our partners.

Why Studyportals?

First and foremost, education is the way to help the world in the long-term, and transparency is an excellent way to attract more people to further their studies. There’s also a splendid company culture that was built from the ground up, and it’s clear that good care is taken to maintain it.

Personal Goal

To grow as an individual and improve the community around me, wherever that may be.

Favourite Activities

Writing stories and poetry, listening to music, gaming, cooking, and weightlifting.