“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”-Paulo Coelho

Juliet Pretsi

Job summary:

Juliet in her role is in charge of implementing and monitoring online campaigns, regularly check the performance of them and come up with new ideas to improve the progress of the campaigns while delivering better results.

General introduction/background:

Since early age she had the inner curiosity of exploring new places and cultures. So, while doing her bachelor’s in Communication and Media in Athens, she decided to do an Erasmus in Siegen, which is in Germany. It was an open eye experience to learn so many things from a different culture than hers but also make friends from all over the world. Later, she decided to move to Nijmegen in Netherlands and pursue her Master in Tourism and Culture. She got impressed with how organised everything in the Netherlands is and decided to
stay and continue this journey in the country of tulips.

Key challenge:

Matching the students’ needs to the university’s requirements.

Favourite activities:

Traveling, cooking, reading books, watching movies and swimming.