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Junjie Chen

Job summary/responsibilities

Leverage paid channels to enhance brand awareness and generate valuable leads for clients. Plan, optimize, and analyze paid marketing campaigns to maximize return on investment.

General introduction/background

Junjie was born and raised in China and holds a BA degree in Translation Studies. She further pursued her passion for Marketing and Communications by completing an MSc degree in Strategic Marketing at Imperial College London. Her career began in the UK, where she assisted in establishing brand identities and increasing student enrollment for various UK universities. With several years of experience in multiple digital marketing channels, she has developed a comprehensive and analytical mindset for devising highly effective marketing tactics.

Key challenge

Efficiently engage with and establish connections with potential leads globally through user growth strategies, while optimizing campaign performance to its fullest potential.

Favourite activities

Junjie has a true passion for creativity. She loves expressing herself through artistic outlets such as singing her heart out at karaoke, painting beautiful masterpieces, moving on the dance floor, writing her literary works, capturing the world through her camera lens. In addition, Junjie is an avid explorer, eagerly learning new languages on Duolingo and traveling to different corners of the world.