“One candle loses nothing by lighting another”

Lara Beukes

Job summary/responsibilities

The department is in close contact with our clients, and responsible for understanding their marketing needs and offering relevant advice. Online promotional campaign implementation, monitoring and optimisation, as well as explaining the results to the clients. Constantly collaborating with the regional sales teams to ensure client satisfaction while developing lasting relationships with the university representatives to better fulfill their marketing needs for student recruitment.

General introduction/background

Lara was born and raised in Stellenbosch, South Africa. She graduated at the University of Stellenbosch and obtained her degree in B.Com Marketing and Entrepreneurship and also did her postgrad in Education.

Lara has always been fascinated by seeing new places, travelling and learning more about different cultures and destinations. She moved to Eindhoven in August 2022 and have been loving the culture, fritjes and travelling across Europe – trying to experience as much as she possibly can. She has a passion for people and she derives her energy from the people around her and have been loving the positive energy coming from everyone working at Studyportals.

Key challenge

To always seek ways to improve and better yourself and to adapt to any given situation as quickly and effectively as possible.

Personal goal

To make a positive impact on the people around her by inspiring them, building them up and spreading positive energy everywhere she goes.

Favourite activities

This includes anything active and exciting like hiking, riding bike, surfing, playing tennis, sunset strolls (anything outside really).