Lin Cao

Job summary/responsibilities:

As a Junior Finance Assistant Lin’s primary tasks consist of processing accounts payable, adding supplier invoices into our accounting system, and processing corresponding payments. In addition, Lin will process our employees’ business travel reimbursements.

General introduction/background:

Lin obtained her master’s degree in international finance from Sogang University in Korea, this learning experience helped her establish a firm foundation of knowledge. After that, Lin worked as a credit analyst and a data analyst, and the analysis of financial data throughout her working experience enhanced her passion for finance.

Key challenge:

In her new role, she needs to acquire additional accounting practice-related knowledge in order to complete her tasks with excellence and make contribution to the development of Studyportals.

Personal Goal:

Lin desires a successful career in finance. Meanwhile, Lin hopes to speak Dutch fluently, to better understand Dutch culture, and to integrate into Dutch society.

Favourite Studyportals element/experience:

New experience and new feeling everyday.

Favourite activities:

Lin enjoys traveling with her family to different countries to take in the beautiful scenery and experience the local cultures. Lin also enjoys reading, and she wishes to continue developing by acquiring new knowledge from great literatures.