Magnus Olsson

Magnus is one of the Studyportals founding team. His main responsibilities are company representative at the supervisory board, key account manager and participation at professional fairs.

Magnus has a degree in Industrial Engineering and Management Science where he specialised in production engineering. He has lived in an international surrounding for a large share of his life after having lived in Sweden, Norway, Germany, France, USA and South Korea. He also has experience starting and nurturing small and growing entrepreneurial companies.

Key challenge:

The most important goal, according to Magnus, is to create a transparent, mobile and accessible higher education system around the world. Studyportals is a very good first step by improving the awareness about and accessibility to European Higher Education giving millions of students better opportunities to realise their dreams of a university degree.

Favourite Studyportals element/experience:

In 2008, Magnus met the president of AAU, African Association of Universities, at a conference for the European Commission in Brussels.

He said that the reason why he came all the way to Brussels was to find good ways of helping African students to study abroad., part of Studyportals, was exactly what he was looking for and he later said that the 5min talk they had was the best part of the entire event with almost 1000 participants and ample opportunities for networking.

Favourite Listed University:

Udmurt State University in Izhevsk, Russia. Situated at the west side of the Urals, neighbour to Siberia, it is interesting that even that far away, in what was the heart of the Soviet Union, they actively are looking to attract international students by providing English taught programmes.