“If everything seems under control, you’re not going fast enough.” – I am not sure who is the author of this quote, but it reminds me that not everything needs to be perfectly within our control in life, as life is beautifully spontaneous and brings many surprises that we need to embrace with an open mind and heart.

Marcel Bandur

Job summary/responsibilities

Crafting effective marketing and recruitment strategies that supercharge universities’ international student recruitment. By addressing challenges related to program awareness and visibility, Marcel ensures universities achieve optimal outcomes for diversity and growth of their international students.

General introduction/background

Originally from Slovakia, Marcel is an education strategy specialist, with a decade of experience in the Asian education space. Marcel holds an MSc in Political Science and an MBA, both from the National University of Singapore (NUS). Marcel has worked at NUS as a Project Manager, and at the International Baccalaureate (IB) as a Strategy Manager, prior to joining Studyportals to take on the mission to empower the world to choose education in Asia.

Key challenge

The greatest challenge for universities in Asia is their lack of recognition and awareness among students worldwide. While USA, Europe, and Australia dominate as study destinations, Asia offers wonderful diversity, top-notch funding and facilities, and extraordinary post-study job prospects. As the world’s fastest growing region, the growth of opportunities in Asia needs to be communicated to students worldwide to inspire them to choose high quality, accessible, and affordable degrees in Asia.

Favourite activities

I love supporting migrant workers in Singapore by taking them out for outings on weekends. They work very hard and deserve recognition and appreciation. When they face injuries or salary disputes, I try to elevate their spirits by fun weekend activities, like taking them to many beautiful places in Singapore with the help of funding from local organisations.