“I’m like the wind, baby”

Mark Simonds

Job summary/responsibilities

Maintain Microsoft systems and the network for the company. Assist with onboarding and offboarding of each user, and maintain, purchase and keep stock of the company systems.

General introduction/background

 “I know a few things about that” is what he’s used to saying. As someone who has a very diverse background in IT spanning 20 years, Mark has seen quite a bit. Working for companies like Sandisk, and Honeywell and Property Insight gave Mark the tools and experience to handle diverse, state of the art systems and tools to expert solutions. Now working at Studyportals he gets to use them all to give everyone the best experience ever.

Key challenge

So much to do, so little time…

Personal Goal

I’d love to be a BBQ Pitmaster. Cooking in my spare time is my favorite way to unwind and really enjoy myself.

Favourite activities

Gaming, grilling, cooking, brewing, writing and reading.