Natasja van der Velden

Job summary/responsibilities

Natasja provides executive support to Edwin, Peter and our Management Team. She oversees Office Management and Events. She’s also leading on the management of strategic projects identified by MT and is part of our Leadership team.

General introduction/background

Natasja studied Facility & Hotel Management in Maastricht, always felt the desire to broaden her horizon and to discover other cultures. She has moved, worked and studied abroad (Paris, Singapore and London) to gain experiences in organizing international conferences for scientists, PA role at UCL and international promotion & sales. The past years, she has organised all sort of activities and festivals in order to assist internationals to feel at home in their new environment. Having realized these goals she is really happy that she is able to combine all the above in her new role as Executive Assistant at Studyportals!

Key challenge

To contribute to Studyportals’ Mission by enabling and supporting our Management Team members to work more effective and efficient and by contributing to the positive, international and open-minded atmosphere at the office and to develop myself simultaneously.

Personal Goal 

To continue to follow my gut feel at work but also in my private life. By being able to be yourself, knowing what you value in business and pleasure, by counting your blessings, you’re able to enjoy life and have fun!

Favorite activities

Natasja loves travelling with her family, to walk and enjoy the beauty of nature, to moonlight, to make furniture, to go out, to play a game with her kids and above all to go out and spend time with her loved ones, best friends and pets.