Nikita Rakhecha

Job summary/responsibilities

Nikita’s responsibilities are to support the Big data & BI team with combining many data sources to more clearly see our effort and success as a company. She will apply ML algorithms to determine patterns in our data for better forecasting.

General introduction/background

Nikita, from her early age, was deeply fond of numbers. After her bachelors, she pursued her master’s in mathematics from India. After being a tutor for somewhile, she quickly developed interest in the world of data, where she thought she could speak more with the numbers. She started learning python and pursued Data Science Professional course in the Netherlands.

While she was finding a way further, she started her first professional journey as a Data Analyst Intern at Studyportals.

Key challenge

To make it all work. After all, she searches for a small signal, which crystalizes over a long period of time, in a dynamically changing data environment!

Personal goal

Embarking on my data analyst internship journey, my goal is to immerse myself in hands-on experiences, learn from challenges, and collaborate with teammates. I aspire to become a skilled data scientist, contributing positively to the team’s success.

Favourite activities

Travelling, Cycling, Playing Badminton