“Arise, awake and do not stop until the goal is reached” : by Swami Vivekananda

Nutan Shukla

Job summary/responsibilities

As a Dynamics 365 consultant, Nutan is responsible for creating effective solutions that drive business value, while also ensuring a seamless user experience. She focuses on designing and implementing solutions that improve workflow efficiency and quality, while keeping the long-term technical vision in mind.

General introduction/background

Nutan is a highly accomplished professional with a PhD in engineering and over 7 years of experience as a data analyst and Dynamics CRM consultant. With her technical expertise and passion for innovation, she has earned multiple Microsoft certifications, making her a standout in her field. Nutan is driven by her desire to maximize her team’s potential and inspire them to make a difference. She turns company vision into actionable goals and strategies, helping to achieve ambitious targets and make an impact.

Key challenge

Balancing the need for customization with the desire for simplicity and standardization. Finding the right balance is crucial to delivering efficient and effective solutions that meet the needs of internal departments and end-users.

Personal goal

To establish a healthy work-life balance by setting clear boundaries, prioritizing self-care, and dedicating time to pursue my passions outside of work