Radu Baciu

Job summary/responsibilities

Radu has been working for Studyportals since April 2016 and his main responsibility in this team is to identify and insert relevant data about universities programs, in order to offer students a good help in finding the proper university. Another relevant responsibility is to update the existing information on our data base.

General introduction/background

Radu followed his humanistic passion and obtained a Bachelor in Psychology. He is currently studying a master in Clinical Psychology.

Key challenge

Radu’s main challenge in the Studyportals team is to create accurate academic programs’ profiles

Favourite Studyportals element/experience

The most important aspect that Radu is enjoying about Studyportals is the work environment. The fact that he is able to learn new things is another favorite element.

Favourite activities

In his spare time, Radu enjoys reading, playing and listening to music, attending music festivals and hanging out with friends.