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Rob Jansen

Rob started to work with Studyportals in December 2013, and has led the EU-funded Hello! Project resulting in the launch of LanguageLearningPortal and PreparationCoursesPortal in 2014. In 2015 he moved to the commercial team to take a leading role in Studyportals’ commercial disruption. Rob has a pioneering role in setting up scalable partnerships, particularly in the following markets: Academic pathways, English Language Teaching, Test-taking to get access to Higher Education (e.g. English tests), Online test preparation (e.g. prepare for IELTS). He is dedicated to transfer knowledge on online marketing from Studyportals to partners in these fields. In the upcoming years, Rob will be responsible to continuously develop value propositions and establish relationships with the right partners to maximize our impact.

General introduction/background:

Rob Jansen was educated in Industrial Engineering and Management Science. During his international student experiences at the European Week Eindhoven and the Erasmus Programme at Linköping University he personally discovered the strength of international education. He believes it is the best way to get to know people from other cultures while simultaneously developing as a person. After acquiring business development experience at both multinationals as well as high-tech startups Rob has brought his entrepreneurial spirit and positive `non-average´ character to the Studyportals team to further realising our goal to make education transparent worldwide.

Favourite Studyportals experience:

During my first days at Studyportals we had the yearly Christmas dinner. After dinner I ended up partying `till in the small hours´ with all my new colleagues comprising more than 20 nationalities. I felt at home immediately.

Key challenge:

Transform conversation with our partners from budget-focused to revenue-focused while simultaneously explaining that we are a user-focused organisation. I’m more than happy to have a drink with anyone reading this to explain this in more detail.
Another challenge will be to deal with the ongoing name confusion between me and my great colleagues Rob vd H, Rob v S, Rob v G and Rob Janssen.