Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.

Leonardo da Vinci


Stefan Klokgieters

I joined the Studyportals Engineering team in November 2013 as a Front-end Developer to assist the Engineering team with the client facing development aspects of the websites as one of the youngest members.

Before joining Studyportals I completed my Bachelor in ICT Media & Design in July 2012 at the Fontys University in Eindhoven. During and after my study I worked at a local ICT company as a Web Designer, where I was responsible for the design, implementation, customer support and Search Engine Optimization. 

By now I am Lead developer – Front-end and am leading the Front-end Tribe within the Engineering department. Improving the experience of Studyportals online products while guiding the Front-end Tribe across our multiple scrum teams are my main responsibilities. Besides that, I am also very passionate about mobile (first) development, performance optimization and Search Engine Optimization.

Key Challenges

Creating user centered websites that not only look great but also fit to the user’s needs while building the best Front-end tribe in the Netherlands.

Personal Goals

Trying to learn and use the best methods and technologies possible which enable to build high quality online products while trying to become the best person I can be. Who does good things to others, will receive good things in return.

Favourite Studyportals Experience

The first week where I met my colleagues during the introduction week and immediately felt a part of the Studyportals team. Also, playing ping-pong or pool during break time is a nice way to spend time with my colleagues!

Favourite activities

Collecting vintage Polaroid cameras and old Dutch coins, watching movies and series, taking awesome pictures and videos and practicing Muay-Thai at least once a week.