Steven Mulligan

Steven Mulligan is the Regional Director of North America for Studyportals. Prior to joining Studyportals he was the Executive Director of Enrollment Operations & Recruitment at National Louis University. He has over 15 years of experience in higher education, focused on Strategic Enrollment Management and Operations. Apart from his overall management tasks, he seeks strategic partnerships and focuses on further developing our products and services together with students and universities.

Educational background:

Steven received a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Bentley University and hold an MBA in International Business from Keller Graduate School. His education and professional experience has allowed him to translate strategy into tactical plans and achieve KPI for several institutions.

Steven is a strong believer of international and intercultural experiences for the benefit of Personal and Professional development as well as society at large. He spent one year at the University College Galway in Ireland as part of his Bachelor’s degree. He has also worked and lived abroad on a couple of occasions.

Key motivation:

Steven believes everyone should have access to education.  Education brings people together and breaks down barriers.  As business moves to a more global platform it’s even more relevant that Studyportals is providing students all the available study choice options, so they are able to make an informed, best-fit decision.

Favorite Activities:

Steven loves the outdoors so any activity that gets him in nature.  Kayaking, hiking, biking, camping, skiing and running are some of his favorite things to do.  He also loves traveling and prefers to stay in dog friendly locations so he doesn’t have to leave his pups at home.  “No dogs left behind”.

What he likes about Studyportals:

The people are Steven’s favorite part: ” You get a sense from everyone you meet that they believe in our mission.”  He had the unique privilege of attending the HQ opening that was also attended by someone slightly more famous than him, the Queen of the Netherlands! The event was fantastic for many reasons but, one thing that really stuck out for him was the story one of the student ambassadors shared while attending the celebration.  Her name was Jane and she shared how education opened up her world.  It gave him goosebumps but, made him proud to work for an organization that helps students like Jane.