Stieneke de Lange

Job summary/responsibilities

Enabling and driving our business with the right systems, processes, and information, while complying with standards such as finance and information security.

General introduction/background

I studied computer science at TU Delft and after a short period of being a consultant, I discovered my passion for processes and improvement. Since then I have put in place many processes, systems and dashboards to really support the people and business. Think about testing, HR, finance, delivery, sales, support, etc. The key to make this work is to make & keep things simple, involve the people, and don’t give up.

Having lived for 3.5 years in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was a great way to learn about cultures (especially my own) and distributed working.

Key challenge

Making the processes & systems support the people and make & keep things simple.

Personal Goal

Mean something to others and the world – whether it’s my kids, partner, colleagues, or others – and being happy myself while doing that. Aka finding my balance in life.