When life gives you lemons……..send them back, I asked for wine

Sui Yip

Job summary/responsibilities

A PSM looks after EBP clients – helping with recruitment strategies, marketing and building a strong relationship. The aim is to bring as many quality enrolments in for the university and Studyportals whilst meeting the objectives of the university.

General introduction/background

Sui came from the UK University sector and International Recruitment. She spent nearly 18 years working in the industry helping students find their right fit course/university. Her loves are her family, friends, food, travel and trying to stay fit!

Key challenge

Keeping up to date with all the UKI political changes, university politics and the amazing updates Studyportals has. Also can’t forget the insane number of acronyms at SP too.

Favourite Studyportals element/experience

Being with the team at HQ when we can