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Growing competition for Indian students new report reveals

New report by Times Higher Education and Studyportals reveals key higher education recruitment trends from India
September 13, 2023

The report ‘Spotlight on India Report: Recruitment Insight and Transnational Education Trends’, which reveals key higher education recruitment trends from India, and finds Italy, Austria and Finland are of increasing interest as study destinations for prospective bachelor Indian students. 

Whilst, business and management, computer science and engineering related disciplines are still the most popular the report shows rising interest in studying hospitality, leisure and sports. 

Business, computer science and engineering are also the most sought-after for master’s students, with natural sciences and medical-related programmes also in demand. 

There has been a huge increase in Indian students choosing to study in the UK over the last five years increasing by 543%, which has mainly been driven by post-graduate students. Growth in the undergraduate area has been limited. The second biggest destination for students to the UK is from India with China coming first and Nigeria coming third. London is by far and away the preferred destination for Indian students but regions such as the East of England and Northern Ireland have seen significant growth of Indian students in the last five years. 

As the global market for Indian students becomes increasingly competitive, increasing TNE provision in India provides a sustainable alternative to ensure a stable future pipeline of students. City-based evidence can provide further guide foreign universities to establish TNE in India, as well as drive marketing and programme strategies. 

The top five Indian cities that show a keen interest to study undergraduate degrees abroad are: Delhi, Mumbai, Kochi, Bengaluru and Hyderabad and the top five Indian cities with a keen interest to study a postgraduate degree aboard are: Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Chennai. 

Canada, Germany, and the US are the preferred choices for students in Delhi and Mumbai. 

The 48-page report, which combines Studyportals and UK Higher Education Statistics Authority (HESA) data provides original analysis by THE and Studyportals of historic and forward-looking trends in student mobility from India. 

It equips higher education institutions with data-driven insights to tailor their recruitment strategies, understand the Indian student market and capitalise on opportunities within Indian education. 

Dr Ishan Cader, THE’s Director of Consultancy, said:  

“This report provides greater intelligence on Indian student choice and aspirations with insights into study location and programme preferences as well as unique data on the demand for international study at a city-level in India.  

“The data in this report can inform universities in their decision-making and strategic planning for India, particularly for recruitment and transnational education. 

“A key question that emerges from this research is whether the falling demand in studying abroad might instead be captured by studying foreign degrees within India, aligning with the Indian governments ambition to increase transnational education in India.” 

Cara Skikne, Senior Editor of Studyportals said:   

“The report’s data underscores the significance of carefully considering nuances when recruiting from India, and when considering Transnational education within India. 

“Universities interested in diversification, should also be considering diversification within India” 

The report sheds light on the dynamic landscape of prospective Indian students’ interests in studying abroad, revealing: 

  • the preferred study destinations for undergraduate and postgraduate students 
  • subject areas of choice across study levels 
  • the Indian cities generating the most interest for overseas education 
  • Indian Student mobility to the UK 

Download the report here. 


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