Cara Skikne
5 months ago

New report maps supply and demand sweet spots for academic subjects


Studyportals new report ‘Subject Opportunities for 2024’ outlines the subject sweet spots for 2024 – the subjects with high (and growing) demand from students AND a relative undersupply of programmes.

Key findings:

  • For the top 10 subject opportunities for both Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes, the only subject featured in both top 10 lists is Artificial Intelligence
  • European Law, Artificial Intelligence and User Experience Design have the highest relative undersupply of programmes for Bachelor’s.
  • Data Science & Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics have the highest relative undersupply of programmes for Master’s.


The idea is that this data is a good predictor of the subjects universities should have on their radars when promoting programmes, launching new programmes, and allocating resources.

What do these diverse subjects have in common?

Key themes emerged across these subject opportunities with each subject displaying some combination of:

  •  Broader applicability or relevance across industries
  •  Good career options
  • A scarcity of professionals and academics
  • Rapid technological advances
  • Global workplace shortages
  • Rising sophistication or complexity of applications
  • Specialised resources required


 Top subject opportunities 2024 


Studyportals tracks the anonymous, organic search behaviour of 50 million prospective students annually, on its proprietary platforms. Demand is expressed as pageviews generated by these students for over 200 000 programmes. In our analyses, pageviews on programme detail pages are used as an indicator for student interest, as this is the most granular indicator available.

Read the full report here:

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