Cara Skikne
1 year ago

New report urges universities to diversify source countries for student recruitment


A new report from Studyportals, Diversify with Data: Insights for Higher Ed Institutions urges colleges and universities to think about the diversity of source countries for student recruitment. 

Report summary:

  1. The report gives an overview of past enrolments from UNESCO to show there is only a handful of source countries making up past international student enrolments
  2. It looks at the countries making up 80% of student interest (the core audience) for the top 25 destinations on Studyportals.  This identifies more origin countries universities can use to inform their diversification strategies.
  3. It takes a closer look at custom groups – like Russell group vs non-Russell group, colleges vs universities in Canada, Group of 8 in Australia, ranked vs unranked in Europe and different regions of the US to see how these groupings affect interest from origin countries.

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