Chelsea Samantha
2 years ago

Statement on the war in Ukraine


Studyportals is founded on the belief that international education can contribute to connecting our world, making it a more equal and tolerant place. We know at large the international education community shares this purpose with us.  Therefore, we are terrified and upset at our core seeing the war in Ukraine unfold and its devastating impact on people. Hundreds of thousands of Ukranian, Russian and international students have had their education compromised, with many displaced and in great danger.

Together with many partners we have started an initiative to help these students. First we are giving the next generation a voice. We’ve launched a petition and #IFeelYellowAndBlue and instafilter: Our HQ office has become a collection point for humanitarian goods and our staff are involved in countless support and donation activities which we have co-funded.

We are also starting a lobby, fundraising and information platform to support impacted students. We will support with an information platform connecting students to education options, funding, credential recognition and psychological support. We call on all governments, universities, funding providers and associations to inform us of any support initiatives they have.

After a lot of consultation with partners and colleagues, we have decided to cease commercial relationships with Russian universities, their advertisements and campaigns to promote study in Russia.   It is a difficult decision as student exchange and the academic community are an important part of the solution and many of our contacts in Russia are courageously speaking out against the war. We encourage our staff, students and partners to maintain the dialogue and relationship and support all those working for peace.

Our hearts go out to all people that are suppressed, misinformed, miseducated, in fear, in pain or worse.  #IFeelBlueAndYellow #MostPowerfulWeapon


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