Cara Skikne
12 months ago

Student interest falls for Destination Norway


[Eindhoven], [14 June 2023] – Studyportals, the leading global education choice platform, has expressed concern regarding Norway’s recent decision to introduce tuition fees for international students.

In light of this development, the platform has observed a significant decline in student interest for Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in Norway, with a decrease of 19.7% and 18.2% respectively over the past year. Furthermore, there has been a staggering 40% drop in student interest from India, indicating a concerning trend. Student interest dropped from traditionally price sensitive markets like Nigeria, Turkey and Nepal.

Student interest from the US and UK has also fallen by 12.3% and 10.5% respectively.

“We regret that another financial barrier has been introduced for students aspiring to study in Norway,” says Edwin van Rest, CEO and co-founder of Studyportals. “The implementation of tuition fees appears to be rushed, causing uncertainty among our students and putting pressure on our partner universities to adapt within a very short timeframe.”

This new policy is expected to have a negative impact on Norway’s ability to attract the global talent it needs to address the demographic challenges facing the country. Comparable situations in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and the Netherlands, all of which Studyportals has assisted during similar transitions, have resulted in a drastic drop in demand initially. However, it is important to note that this two to three year decline is typically followed by a recovery period as these countries adjust to the new competitive landscape.

We believe that the imposition of tuition fees for international students will create unnecessary barriers and may hinder the country’s ability to remain a preferred destination for talented individuals seeking a world-class education.

Studyportals remains committed to supporting both students and institutions during this transitional phase and stands ready to provide guidance and resources to facilitate a smooth adaptation to the changing landscape.

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