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Student satisfaction slips during the pandemic: down 4% globally


Still, student satisfaction remains at a high overall level of 4.06 out of 5. Student satisfaction with their online classroom experience (3.60) has been not at par with traditional learning, but there are exceptions. Students are generally satisfied with how universities have managed the COVID crisis (4.15). 

Eindhoven, Netherlands, 15 October 2021- Studyportals, in partnership with British Council IELTS and Unibuddy, publishes student satisfaction biannually. This edition is based on 108,000 student reviews across 4,000 universities, with over 400 universities with enough reviews for a representative score. In the award ceremony last night, eight global winners for different aspects of student experience were recognised. 

Studyportals Student Satisfaction Reportis based on the largest data set on student satisfaction in the world, and the only one that is internationally comparable. 

The report represents an in-depth analysis of student experience, what they are content with, and where they would like to see improvements. 

The awards ceremony included Keynote addresses by Dr Fransec Pedro, Director of UNESCO’s International Institute for Higher Education who spoke about reimagining international student mobility. Prof dr Jan Peter Balkenende, Former Prime Minister of the Netherlands spoke about how University presidents can mobilise behind the Sustainable development goals. 

Kühne Logistics University in Hamburg won the Overall best university category. 

KLU President Professor Thomas Strothotte says, “My ambition is to always have an open ear for the ideas, wishes and concerns of our students. Very concretely, I am inviting all student representatives to quarterly meetings with me. On this basis, we have already been able to implement many excellent ideas for the further development of our studies as well as campus life and culture.” 

One KLU student review said, “I really like how professors care about students learning, how you always get a personal treatment and that we can reach them all the time for concerns or to get further advice.”

Another KLU student wrote: “KLU is like a family that pushes you to succeed! It is an extremely unique place. I believe there is no other university with such diverse students who all manage to learn from and motivate each other.” 

Edwin van Rest, CEO of Studyportals says “Global students have shared their experience, and this is the chance for the industry to celebrate as well as to listen and learn.” 

Read the report here: GSSA 2021 Report Download (
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About the Global Student Satisfaction awards  
The Global Student Satisfaction awards are the only student-powered global university overview capturing feedback on life inside and outside the classroom. The Awards empower students to share their views, to create recognition for the best universities in the world, from the perspective of students. 

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