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Eindhoven – London, 10 September 2020 – Times Higher Education (THE), the trusted global data partner for higher education, and Studyportals, the biggest education choice platform in the world, have today announced a partnership to help students looking to study abroad easily research and understand their course options.

THE’s website sees visits from millions of students and prospective students every year, consulting its trusted World University Rankings and exploring the options open to them when it comes to one of the biggest decisions of their lives – who to trust with their education. Many of these students are looking to identify the right university to meet their needs, including the right course. Through its portfolio platform, Studyportals hosts detailed information of more than 200,000 bachelors, masters, PhD, preparation courses, scholarships, short and online study programmes, at 3,750 universities across 116 countries.

By joining forces, THE and Studyportals will create a seamless experience to direct THE’s student visitors to the Studyportals platform whenever they require more information about courses run by the universities that THE ranks. Upon referral, those prospective students that require additional support can utilise Studyportals features to compare, match, and choose the course that is best for them.

Edwin van Rest, CEO and Co-founder of Studyportals, commented:

‘THE’s university rankings are the most globally prominent for our students to judge institutional reputation – overall, across an increasing number of subjects and on their impact on sustainability. Users of the world’s best rankings deserve access to the world’s largest platform of detailed course information, fees, requirements, student experiences and our award winning ‘best fit’ algorithm to make informed choices. For our university partners, Studyportals is increasingly a hub to craft and track the full digital student journey – recruit the right students, for the right reasons – all of them will automatically benefit from prime exposure on THE properties beyond our other search, display and social network partners.

Our missions align both on the drive for data-driven transparency in education, as well as our purpose to make our world a more sustainable place with more equality in opportunity.’

Paul Howarth, CEO of THE, said:

‘THE’s desire to support students across their journey into international study is given another major boost through our partnership with Studyportals. The unparalleled courses database that Studyportals maintains empowers students through the provision of clear information and insights to help guide them to the right course for them.

We know that deciding to study abroad, where to do this and what to study are major decisions for students that will affect the rest of their adult lives. THE, in partnership with Studyportals, are aiming to help take the pain out of this and ensure the millions that consult our rankings every year can make course choices easily and with confidence.’




THE is the trusted global data partner for higher education. Drawing on five decades of expertise in the sector, millions of individual data points, more institutions participating in our flagship university rankings than any other, and 28 million website users in 2019, we offer deeper and richer insight into university performance than anyone else. From powerful data-driven insights and strategic consultancy support to agenda-setting events and hiring solutions, our products and services enable everyone in higher education to make smarter, more informed decisions.

THE’s website receives visits from millions of students every year. By bringing on board trusted partners, THE is able to better serve those looking to navigate the journey into higher education study, providing support and advice for everything from finding the right university to applications and accommodation.


Studyportals is the global study choice platform, digitising higher education choice, enabling students to find and compare their education options across borders and make an informed choice. With over 200,000 on-campus and online courses from over 3,750 participating universities across 116 countries and over 36 million unique users in 2019, Studyportals is the world’s leading information source for study seekers.

Studyportals helps institutions to optimise their student population in size, quality, and diversity through a fully digital, transparent and future-proof channel, with measured and guaranteed results. 



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