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4 years ago

Studyportals launches interactive dashboard to monitor the impact of COVID-19 on international education


Eindhoven, 8 April 2020 – Combining real-time student interest data with Johns Hopkins University Data

Studyportals, the global study search platform, is pleased to announce that it has launched an interactive dashboard to help with monitoring the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on international education and student search interest for 2021 and 2022 academic intakes.

The dashboard is free to access for the coming weeks and can be used by all higher education professionals to better understand how COVID-19 is shaping student search behaviours, globally and future student intakes. The dashboard can be accessed on the Studyportals website and will be updated on a weekly basis with the latest data and insights.

This interactive dashboard was built to incorporate both data that has been collected on the spread of the virus such as the Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Data Stream, as well as Studyportals’ proprietary data on global student interest (demand) and university offer (supply) of global English taught programmes.

Thijs van Vugt, Director of the Studyportals Analytics & Consulting Team mentioned:

‘We were looking how best to help the higher education community globally and the big question on marketer’s or recruiter’s mind right now is how this pandemic is affecting student demand. Will it decrease, and if so for how long? Will students be looking more for online programmes or maybe more for domestic programmes? So, in the end we formed an interdisciplinary hack team within Studyportals, to provide real-time insights into the impact of COVID-19 on international student interest. Nothing is certain anymore, so we need to trust the data to inform future decisions.’

The dashboard allows higher education professionals to:

  • Monitor how COVID-19 is altering student interest for international education, across different degree levels
  • Evaluate the extent to which key destination countries are impacted, as well as their key source countries. Monitor in real time how these markets are recovering and have a first-hand view on ‘the new normal’
  • Evaluate differences between online and on-campus student interest driven by COVID-19
  • See country-specific share of interest changes for online degrees

Among the first key insights, Thijs van Vugt noted:

‘Not surprisingly, we see a decline in demand for (traditional) on-campus degree programmes, but at the same time a huge increase for online courses (degree and non-degree), as well as more interest in domestic programmes. Furthermore, in Europe we see a significant increase in students looking for programmes within Europe as well!’

The dashboard is one of many resources and intelligence activities Studyportals is making public to support the higher education industry stay informed on the latest developments, including a webinar series, a student interest survey and a dashboard for student search support.

Studyportals COVID-19 resources:


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Studyportals Analytics & Consulting Team

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