Carmen Neghina
7 years ago

Studyportals selected as member of the Fast Growth Icons Berlin network


Studyportals, the global education choice platform, has been selected as a member of the Fast Growth Icons Berlin network, joining 111 other fast-growing businesses across Europe. Studyportals ensures that universities and institutions around the world can effectively recruit ambitious students and diversify their classrooms.

Ben Fletcher, the founder of Fast Growth Icons, said:

“We welcome Studyportals as a member and congratulate them for being selected – this is a really impressive achievement. We look forward to seeing their business flourish in the future.”

Fast Growth Icons is the invitation-only network for well-established, fast-growing businesses. The network brings together the founders and CEOs of later-stage startups to discuss the practical realities of building a $100m+ revenue business. The 2017 Berlin event on the 17th to 18th May in the Ritz-Carlton hotel is hosted to help bridge the gap between medium and large-scale businesses. Edwin van Rest, CEO and co-founder of Studyportals, will come together with other fast growing businesses across Europe such as Flixbus, N26, Carmundi and WeFox to share practical insights and experiences on future growth.

To qualify as a member, companies have to show considerable traction in terms of revenue, users or funding. With over 19 million users in 2016, the fast-growing international study choice platform Studyportals helps prospective students to find and compare study programmes globally. Since its foundation in 2009, the company published 114,000 courses from over 2,450 participating universities around the world to make education choice transparent, globally.

Edwin van Rest, CEO of Studyportals, shares his response to the invitation of Fast Growth Icons:

“We are proud to be selected as a member for this year’s event of Fast Growth Icons in Berlin. Being recognized by our success and rapid growth strengthens us in our goal to bring 100% global transparency in education by 2018.”


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About Studyportals

Studyportals is the international study choice platform, enabling students to find and compare their study options across borders. With over 114,000 published courses from over 2,450 participating universities and over 19 million users in 2016, Studyportals is a leading information source for study seekers. Studyportals was founded from an international student organisation in 2009, and initially focused on the European education market. Since 2014 the organisation, headquartered in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, has expanded its services, and is now also covering universities in the Americas, Oceania, and Asia. Its 165-person team includes 35 nationalities. For universities, Studyportals is a results-based channel for international student recruitment.

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