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6 years ago

Studyportals strengthens leadership with three seasoned executives


Studyportals HQ

Eindhoven, 1 October 2018 – Studyportals is happy to announce three new top hires strengthening its leadership team to support the company’s rapid global growth. The new hires include Arthur Torsy as Chief Commercial Officer role, François Eijgelshoven as Executive Vice President of Partnership Strategy and Elly Hilhorst as Director of People & Culture. The three will be based at Studyportals’ headquarters in Eindhoven, Netherlands. 

Arthur Torsy and François Eijgelshoven have worked for over 15 years together at Quintiq, an international software vendor where they helped the organisation grow from 50 to 1,000 people globally. The duo will focus on the company’s ambitious partnership growth within the higher education sector, which features top universities in Europe, United Kingdom, North America and Asia-Pacific.  

Arthur Torsy mentioned:  

The mission of Studyportals is to create global honest transparency for education and that for us was an important trigger to join Studyportals. We want to launch ‘’THE Studyportals effect”. This effect results in students from all over the world finding a place and a programme at a university that adds value to them personally as well as it helps creating a better world.

This view is also supported by François Eijgelshoven who mentioned:  

The market for Higher Education is a very dynamic and disruptive one, where the more traditional institutions and market approaches are coming into questioning and new strategies need to be developed. This is where Studyportals has an instrumental role and can bring unparalleled value and insight leading to new Strategic Partnerships, which is why this is such an exciting opportunity. 

Elly Hilhorst joins Studyportals as Director of People & Culture, after having had a similar role at Efteling as HR Director for the past years. Her mission within Studyportals will be to improve the experience of the 210 Studyportals employees from 35 different nations, continue developing Studyportals as a top employer and help attract ambitious employees for the company’s global offices in the Netherlands, United States, Romania, Australia, United Kingdom and Mexico. In her words: 

I’m excited to contribute to the growth of Studyportals and especially to the personal growth of all Studyportals Superheroes, as we call our colleagues. Together we nurture a strong organisational culture in a ‘serious about fun’ way!

This development marks an important growth phase in the company’s timeline. This is best explained by Edwin van Rest, Studyportals CEO and founder: 

Studyportals is on a grand mission and we are only just getting started. We started when we were still students and have been very fortunate to have been able to attract great junior and medior people to our company early on. Recently, we are also successful in having the best senior talent join in key roles. Adding this top experience is a great way to add fresh perspectives and bring a superior long-term growth opportunity and support for the total Studyportals team.


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