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3 years ago

Unibuddy and Studyportals join forces to bring student ambassadors to the center of international education choice


The market leader in digital student engagement joins forces with the world’s largest study choice platform to help students looking to study abroad or online. This allows them to interact authentically with their peers to make the most informed decision that they possibly can. 

Universities now have the chance to present their student ambassadors to the 52 million students who use Studyportals. These students use the Studyportals platform to find and compare study abroad opportunities at 3,750+ educational institutes across 110 countries.  

As the leading student engagement platform through peer-to-peer connections globally, Unibuddy knows that student ambassadors are the heart and soul of an institution.   

Through this partnership, universities have the opportunity to provide a massive global pool of prospective students with real-time access to their student ambassadors. It also allows universities to nurture relationships with students and build a community from the very start of their research journey. Students can engage with ambassadors based on a similar course of study, region, or country of origin. This allows them to ask all of the questions best answered by a current student who most closely matches their own profile. 

By introducing student ambassadors to Studyportals, institutions can leverage this trusted platform as a source of advice and guidance about study opportunities to increase engagement and boost conversion. 

Unibuddy and Studyportals have also signed on to co-sponsor the Global Student Satisfaction Awards, the only global recognition program for universities from the perspective of students. The awards are based on more than 108,000 student reviews and highlight the universities that best support and engage students. 

Diego Fanara, Unibuddy CEO, says: “We are absolutely delighted to be working with Studyportals because of their strong partnership network, unique global reach, and intense engagement with prospective students. These students have tough questions that university websites can’t always answer. Together, Unibuddy and Studyportals will help universities to support and reassure students at this initial research stage of their journey.”  

Edwin van Rest, Studyportals CEO, says:   “A fast-growing number of our partner institutions are using the Unibuddy platform with great satisfaction, and our students have a strong interest in connecting with people like them who’ve been in their shoes before. We are excited about this combination—together we can add a peer-to-peer layer to education choice and help universities to ‘orchestrate’ word-of-mouth.”  


About Studyportals:  

Studyportals is the global study choice platform. We help students find and compare all of their education options globally to make an informed choice. We also help institutions optimise their classroom from a quantity, quality, and diversity perspective on the basis of results. More than 50 million students annually from 220 countries and territories worldwide choose between 207,000+ programmes from 3,700+ universities in almost 120 countries. This allows us to help our clients all over the world with best practices on our mission to empower the world to choose education. 


About Unibuddy:   

Unibuddy offers smarter student recruitment to higher education institutions. We do this by enabling prospects and applicants to virtually connect with student ambassadors and school staff through the seamless web integration of our direct messaging platform. Partnering with universities around the world since 2017, Unibuddy has helped more than 770,000 domestic and international prospects make one of the most important decisions of their lives.   

By personalizing and digitizing students’ higher education journey through chat, live events, and top-tier partnerships with institutions worldwide, Unibuddy has humanized the student decision-making process. The company has 117 employees across New York, London, Bangalore, and Singapore. 


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