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Finding a job is as hard as it can get
 Part 1
How to own a 
 growth hacker mindset

• LinkedIn/networking positioning;

• Personal pitching pointers;

• CV/Motivational letter preparation.

Eugenio Roman

Growth Hacker - Entrepreneur

 Part 2
 making it happen 

• Understand the recruiter's personality;

• Stand-out with a well-written CV;

• Increase your LinkedIn profile popularity.

Valentin Decu

Email Marketer - Behavioral marketing expert

 Part 3
 How to bring 
 yourself and more to the table 

• How to get short-listed fast;

• Impressing recruiters in an interview;

• Analysing and connecting who you are with the company.

Account Adviser - Recruitment counsellor

Polina Ptashchenko


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