A Taste of Diversity, vol. II Studyportals’ second cookbook, from our hearts to your home.


The first edition of A Taste of Diversity was launched in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. The aim then was to unite in spirit – to share and connect, despite the physical distance between us. This year we celebrate coming back together!

We believe in the power of cultural exchange and diversity to enrich lives and to connect our world. Strong, long term and innovative partnerships have always been a key ingredient in our recipe for success, so we wanted to share our family recipes as a token of appreciation to our extended Studyportals family. Join us in this culinary celebration, where food becomes the bridge that connects us all.

Through these recipes, we hope to inspire you to create your own happy memories, share your culinary stories, and savor the moments that bring us together at the table.

Please enjoy this ‘taste of diversity’, from our hearts to your stomach .

Download your copy here! (In case you missed it, listen to our Holidays message here)


The Studyportals Team

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