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The Global Student Satisfaction Awards is the only student-powered overview of universities. They promote student-centrality in higher education and empower students to share their views. 

In our 2021 edition, 108,000 reviews were collected from students to recognise the best universities for student satisfaction across 8 categories.  

Students were also given the option to give advice to future students based on the lessons they’ve learned. 

Here are the top 16 pieces of advice students from all over the world had for their peers:  

Be clear about what you want, your efforts will decide what you deserve.” – Student, Johns Hopkins University Carey School of Business Online

Taking part in extracurricular activities is essential; not just to meet new people but also to take a break from class hours.” – Student, Queen Margaret University  

Always be open to meeting and learning from new people. Aim for a full experience across academics, culture, and social activities. I enjoyed the First Year Experience programme as I got to mentor students and meet other students from across the university.” – Student, University of Witwatersrand

Talk to people early in the year because the more time that passes the fewer people are going to want to interact.” – Student, Hawai’i Pacific University

Manage your time effectively; set up a timeline for completing tasks in each of your courses. Set aside adequate time for homework, study, sleep, relationships, and work.” – Student, University of East London

I will advise students to take up leadership roles, which will help them build on their confidence level and self-esteem.” – Student, University of Ghana 

Take advantage of the career and counselling services.” – Student, University of Ghana

Especially at the beginning of your college career, try to attend every event that they offer for incoming freshmen. This is the best way to make new friends in your class because everyone else is also just as scared, lonely, and confused about beginning their college careers. Also, don’t be afraid to reach out to anyone in your class. Introduce yourself and break the ice, because you don’t know who your lifeline at the end of your week, course, or year can be.” – Student, University of Texas at Austin 

Make an effort to know your professors, as uncomfortable as it makes you feel walking up to their podium or their office, or even emailing them. Let them know who you are among the crowd. It makes a lot of difference in your coursework. If you ever need any help, they are willing to help and go out of their way for you. As long as you make an effort, they will too.” – Student, Kingston University 

If you’re an international student, I would greatly recommend joining a debating society. It helps improve your English and it’s a fun way to meet other internationals.” – Student, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Focus on time management skills, open communication, and dedicate long hours of reading and hard work. Never fear to open up to instructors or students for advice!” – Student, University of The People

Take advantage of the study abroad semester and reach out to the faculty to build as strong of a relationship as you can. The advice and opportunities they can give you is worth more than gold at times.” – Student, California State University San Bernardino 

Take the time to do your research before you go abroad. Knowing a bit about the city, transport system and culture will help you to adjust and settle in quicker. Don’t be afraid to be adventurous and explore, even if you do it on your own. You’ll discover and learn so much about the place and yourself too.” – Student, Nottingham Trent University

Try to interact with students from other faculties as well!” – Student, university of Groningen

Participate in internships and research early to find out what is your scope of interest.” – Student, Lafayette College

Get involved in activities but pick a few and stick with them instead of overwhelming yourself with many and burning out!” – Student, University of San Diego

“Go to career events, they’re really useful. Ask for help and put effort into connecting with alumni.” – Student, University of California, Berkeley 

Our next edition of the Global Student Satisfaction Awards will be held in October 2023. 

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