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Global Student Satisfaction Awards 2023 Category Highlight – Admission Process


My experience has been very smooth because each information required, whether it is regarding the admission process or regarding the exams, everything was provided to us in a very disciplined manner. They made sure that the students never missed any updates. – Student from India

When you think of student satisfaction and student decision making – maybe your admission process does not come to mind. But it should! When students are looking for a school, they consider all aspects. How will their life look? What can they study? But also – will this school be responsive and keep me up to date on my application progress? Is the application process accessible and clear? Do I know exactly what happens when I apply? These are all thoughts that can pop up as a student as looking at your website and application.

Do you take these factors into consideration? Here are some points you should keep in mind while reviewing your application process.

Here is what a student from 2021’s ‘Admission Process’ winner, University of Bonn, had to say:


The admissions process can be both confusing and stressful for prospects. It’s vital that we continue to prioritise student satisfaction in the admissions process, and this award recognises those who are doing this to an outstanding level.” – Diego Fanara, CEO & Co-Founder at Unibuddy

The admission process should not feel like an insurmountable mountain for students to climb. By keeping information updated, having clear information, and a streamlined process, you can show students that your school is prepared to accept and manage the applications coming through its doors. Through fast response times and transparency, you also show students that you care about them as individuals and are looking forward to hearing about their interests.

Are you doing all that you can to have a clear admission process? Do you know how you compare to others? Do you want to know what your students are thinking about your institution? Participate in this years edition of the Global Student Satisfaction Awards and see how you compare to other schools. Learn more about how to participate here.

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