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Global Student Satisfaction Awards 2023 Category Highlight – Online Classroom Experience


“Due to covid, I took classes online through zoom sessions. It was easy to be attentive, and the lectures were very informative. In addition to [that] the students were able to ask questions after each lecture.” – Student from Norway

In 2020 we experienced the Covid-19 pandemic and universities had to switch from on-campus teaching to providing all lectures and tutorials online due to safety concerns. However, in a post pandemic world, online classes remain popular as students explore fully online courses and hybrid opportunities. But maintaining a quality education online can be a difficult challenge and something that needs to be maintained to keep students happy.

So how can you keep your online classroom experience in tip top shape? Here are some tips for you:


Here is what a student from 2021’s ‘Online classroom experience’ winner, University of Essex Online, had to say:

“The pandemic provided real-time, real-life feedback on what students wanted online and what they wanted face to face. The pandemic showed we can shift our delivery online quickly, now we need to shift it to be world-class and be humble enough to both listen to students and embrace the things that we know will make a difference to them.”Dr. David Pilsbury, Chief Development Office at Oxford International Education Group

Having the option to follow courses online is now imperative to be relevant and expand your network of students who are attending your school. By having strictly online or hybrid courses, you will be able to attract a wide variety of students from all around the world.

Are you doing all that you can to have an effective and efficient online class experience? Do you know how you compare to others? Do you want to know what your students are thinking about your institution? Participate in this years edition of the Global Student Satisfaction Awards and see how you compare to other schools. Learn more about how to participate here.

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