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Global Student Satisfaction Awards 2023 Category Highlight – Quality of student life


“What students experience outside the classroom is a key part of their learning journey….and great schools will pay as much attention to that as they do to the learning inside the classroom. Life quality builds invaluable skills and leads to a more successful and satisfied student.” Anne Sado, President Emeritus, George Brown College

Expectations of student life often extend beyond the campus space. Students expressed their satisfaction with the life outside the university. The city they lived in, and its potential to meet their needs and expectations, is a recurring theme linked to the study experience.

But what are key points of this category that you should keep an eye out for? Here are just a few!

“As an international student, the university gave me great exposure academically and socially. The lecturers and tutors were always ready to assist and there were plenty resources to use for studying. I was involved in a varsity society, and this helped me give back to the community and take on a more hands on approach in my discipline.” Student from Zimbabwe

Here is what a student from 2021’s Quality of Student Life winner, European School of Economics, had to say:

Student life is more than just hitting the books and cramming for exams; it’s about personal growth, mental and physical well-being, and creating a positive college experience. Schools that prioritize the quality of student life can foster an environment that supports and engages students, leading to improved academic performance and long-term outcomes such as career success and job satisfaction. Be sure to speak to students and get feedback, match their values, track student activity,  provide outside campus opportunities, and provide services to help your students feel more at home!

Do you want to know what your students are thinking about your institution? Participate in this years edition of the Global Student Satisfaction Awards and see how you compare to other schools. Learn more about how to participate here.

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