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Global Student Satisfaction Awards 2023 Category Highlight – Student Diversity


Student Diversity is more important than ever!

“The overall experience was startling, a two-year program where, for the first time in my school/university studies, I faced an entire international classroom, with colleagues from all over the globe, sharing diverse cultures, skills, traditions, as well as different business mindset.” Student from Italy

When students interact with peers from different backgrounds, they learn to appreciate different cultures, beliefs, and values. This exposure to diversity can foster empathy, respect, and understanding, which are essential life skills in today’s interconnected world. Diverse schools can create a sense of community and promote inclusivity, where students feel valued and represented. Schools should strive to create a diverse student body to provide students with a comprehensive education that prepares them to navigate an increasingly diverse society.

By checking how student diversity is rated in your school, you will be able to measure the capacity to foster an atmosphere where minorities and different perspectives feel valued and encouraged. This includes engaging and welcoming people from different countries, cultures, religions, age cohorts, genders and backgrounds, including people with special needs.

Not sure where to start to ensure your student population succeeds in diversity? Here are some tips to get you started!



Here is what a student from 2021’s student diversity winner, University of Sussex, had to say:

Not all of our differences can be seen. Embracing and celebrating these differences is what builds a better world of tolerance and respect. In the campuses of our universities, we should feel safe, secure and able to be who we are without fear or favour. We have an individual and collective responsibility to make sure that each person is treated fairly whatever their background.”Ken Gill – Director, Policy Connect

Student diversity should not be overlooked by schools. This can be one of the largest deciding factors for students who are looking for a new school to call their home. By promoting a diverse syllabus, practicing what you preach, and encouraging all students to participate and share their backgrounds you can enable a welcoming and safe environment that will make students want to choose for your school.

Do you want to know what your students are thinking about your institution? Participate in this years edition of the Global Student Satisfaction Awards and see how you compare to other schools. Learn more about how to participate here.

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