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Global Student Satisfaction Awards 2023 Category Highlight – Student Teacher Interaction


Student-teacher interaction? Why is it so important?

The studies are very nice, there is always people wishing to help, it’s the professors, co-students, students from other years and students across the fields of study. The study groups are small, about 30 people, everyone knows everyone. There are learning zones, where a student can always meet other students from his/her own and from other fields. Student from Uzbekistan

Student-teacher relationships are crucial in shaping students’ experiences. Students were asked how helpful, engaged and interested were their teachers and how easy it was for students to interact with teachers, during or after class.

Of the 55,417 reviews collected on this topic in 2021, 51% of students gave the maximum score, (5 out of 5 possible points). This score is based on both domestic and international student reviews. In comparison to the results from 2019, students rated student-teacher interactions 4.5% higher, showing slight improvements in this regard over time.

How can you encourage and nurture student-interaction?



“When international students reflect on the benefits of study in a foreign country, they often mention a professor who was especially effective as a teacher and mentor. The best instructors bring out the best in all their students, often in ways that are very different from classroom practices in the students’ home country. Many years after graduation, one enduring memory of international study is usually a professor who made a difference.”Brad Farnsworth, Principal at Fox Hollow Advisory and Former Vice President for Global Engagement at the American Council of Education


Here is what a student from 2021’s student-teacher interaction winner,  Universitá della Svizzera italiana (USI) had to say:


Student-teacher interaction is a crucial aspect of higher education that should not be overlooked. This aspect provides a feeling of safety and trust for students in your school. To help improve, offer 1:1 support to students, be helpful and available, be empathetic and authentic, and be sure to encourage and motivate your students to help them be successful.

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