More Finnish students seeking education abroad


The University of Helsinki’s Chancellor Kaarle Hämeri says that Finland is facing significant challenges due to labor shortages, particularly in crucial sectors like healthcare, technology, and hospitality. The aging population and a declining workforce are adding to this pressure. Recruiting international students who can contribute to the workforce is seen as a vital solution to this problem. 

A key factor contributing to these labor shortages is the growing trend of Finnish students seeking education abroad, with countries like Canada, the UK, Germany, and the US becoming popular choices. This shift is evident in data from Studyportals, which highlights a significant uptick in interest towards these countries, and away from studying at home.   

Where are Master’s students from Finland looking at studying?

While Finnish students may be inclined to pursue education abroad, there are promising trends emerging from Finland’s institutions in attracting international students. This, in turn, has the potential to positively impact the Finnish labor force. Notably, for Master’s programmes, Bangladesh stands out as the top origin country showing interest, and Pakistan exhibits the most substantial growth in interest at an impressive 120.2%. 

Overall, addressing the labor shortage issue in Finland requires a multi-faceted approach, including attracting international students, particularly from regions such as Southern Asia.  

Countries interested in studying in Finland

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